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Economic development for women

Healthy living and lifestyles for families

Continued leadership within women

Knowledge being passed down


We see…

  • Traditional social structures
  • Closeness with Mother Earth
  • Connection to each other, the land and Creation
  • Good communications

We want to work…

  • Together, in unity and harmony
  • Respect of our Cree culture, traditional ways of living, our language and our values
  • To revive, recapture, rediscover, rekindle and relearn wisdom from the Medicine Wheel
  • To keep our tradition alive and strong

Our communities have changed too…

  • Youth have risen to be leaders
  • Tipis beside each modern home
  • Healthy plant life and fresh water
  • Families and communities are united
  • Children are free, safe and happy
  • Men and women are treated equally
  • Elders’ roles are more important, they are teaching our youth
  • People are eating more traditional food
  • People are connecting to all creation